Fire department hopes to torch park

Fire department hopes to torch park

Plans are in the works to burn some of the grasses and plants in Trinity Eco Prayer Park.

"Fire is nature's way to keep prairies and forests healthy," said Park Director Ken Steinken. "It reduces the amount of old, dead plants making way for new growth. And it puts nutrients back in the soil. "Since our goal is to manage the park in the most natural way possible, we decided to explore using fire as part of the plan to care for the park."

Steinken presented the idea to Battalion Chief Tim Daly who has conducted prescribed burns in or near the city limits for the Rapid City Fire Department. Daly was eager to pursue the idea as a way of helping the public learn that fire is not always destructive and can actually be a beneficial force.

The burn will take place this spring only if favorable weather and plant conditions come together at the same time.

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