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Park Successfully Handles 1.5" Downpour

Park Successfully Handles 1.5

A heavy cloudburst on Aug. 14 flooded the park with storm-water runoff from the parking lots and roofs of the nearby church and Hardee's. Although it might look like a tragedy, it really is a success story of how the park was designed to work. All the water soaked into the ground by the next morning instead of washing into the storm sewer which empties into Rapid Creek. And the park suffered no damage other than some bark mulch that washed into the lawn.


Bonnie Raitt picks Trinity Eco Prayer Park for concert cause

Bonnie Raitt picks Trinity Eco Prayer Park for concert cause

For decades Bonnie Raitt, who has been active in the environmental movement since the mid-70s, has worked to leave a legacy of good in communities where she plays. She finds local grassroots non-profit organizations that work on issues of safe and sustainable energy, environmental protection, peace and social justice. She donates a portion of the concert proceeds to the selected organizations.

At nearly every concert, Bonnie sets aside a number of hand-selected seats to benefit local non-profits. And whenever possible Bonnie’s staff works to coordinate the presence of non-profit organizations at Bonnie's concerts so they can share information with concertgoers.

For her Rapid City concert on Saturday, Sept. 9, Bonnie has chosen to support Trinity Eco Prayer Park. She will also be providing space at the concert for the park to have a table to talk with concertgoers about the park’s use of solar power, its sustainable landscape design, low-impact stormwater management and Sustainability Outreach. She has also selected Black Hills Clean Water Alliance to have a display at the concert.

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